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We Create Gorgeous Akron, Ohio Green Spaces

Akron, Ohio does more than celebrate its parks and green spaces – it creates them. In 2015, this trendsetting urban community banned together for the 500 Plates Project, a progressive initiative that gathered 500 people from Akron’s 22 neighbors for a dinner party hosted on an interstate highway bed. Beyond gaining an opportunity to share a meal, diners were also asked to share their ideas for how they’d like to see designated space on the Innerbelt freeway repurposed. The result? In 2018, Akron, Ohio opened the Innerbelt National Forest, the city’s newly created, temporary green space that transformed pavement into a park system.

Akron’s latest green space offers guests access to a multitude of outdoor community facilities and amenities. Locals and tourists alike can gather in at the Innerbelt National Forest to enjoy public play spaces, an open-air museum, and countless opportunities to rest, relax, and enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer to this beautiful city. While opened only temporarily, the National Forest is part of a more permanent project that seeks public input for transforming the entire former freeway into an Akron community asset.

Rankin Lawn Care: Akron’s One-Source Lawn And Turf Specialist

At Rankin Lawn Care, we partner with home and business owners throughout Akron to help them create lush, healthy, gorgeous green spaces that rival any of the city’s many scenic parks and outdoor areas. Our team of skilled, licensed, and experienced landscape professionals offers a wide range of services and solutions to enhance the overall strength and appearance of your lawn. Rankin proudly offers Akron several vital lawn and turf offerings, including:

  • Five Treatment Lawn Care Program
  • Weed Guard
  • Core Aeration / Overseeding
  • Perimeter Pest Control
  • Flea & Tick Control

Best of all, Rankin is committed to using environmentally friendly products on your lawn for optimal customer peace of mind. Whether you need a seasonal core aeration treatment or a full-scale lawn fertilization solution, Rankin Lawn Care has the training, equipment, and staff required to transform your Akron property from mere grass into golf course quality turf. We can make your favorite Ohio green space your own backyard.

We Stand Apart From The Competition

Since 1991, Rankin Lawn Care has made exceptional customer service our top priority. We understand that when it comes to turf and lawn care in Ohio, you have a choice – we make it our mission to be your first (and only) one!

At Rankin Lawn Care, we value your business and your time. We’ll work with you to schedule our services around your busy schedule to make our project together as effortless and convenient as possible. We arrive when we say will and deliver what we promise for a stress-free customer experience from start to finish.

Experience The Rankin Lawn Care Difference

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