Fall Pest Prevention: Tips to Keep Your Home Pest-Free This Fall and Winter

It’s time to prepare for the fall insect invasion. Temperatures here in the Akron area are falling, which means insects are looking for a place to cozy up for the winter. Unfortunately for us, our homes are the perfect winter home for these fall pests. However, there are a few easy ways to protect your home from spiders, ants, earwigs, millipedes, and more. Check out these easy fall pest prevention tips.

Exterior Pest Prevention

The first step to preventing a pest invasion is to seal off your home. Cut off the entry points and make it as difficult as possible for insects and creepy crawlies from getting into your home. As the temperatures continue to drop, you will start to see more and more insects gathering on and around your home. Here are a few fall pest prevention tips to keep them from getting in.

Inspect the Foundation of Your Home

One of the most common ways that insects get into your home is through the foundation. Cracks, holes, or any other damage around the foundation acts as a virtual gateway to your home. Most home pests are small enough to fit through the smallest of gaps. Take a walk around your home, paying attention to any possible vulnerability in the foundation. A common place for bugs to get in is where plumbing or electrical lines enter your home. Seal up any cracks or gaps so you can have a strong, anti-pest foundation.

Inspect Your Doors and Window Screens

Avoid an invasion of boxelder bugs this holiday season with these fall pest prevention here in Akron, OH.
A common sight during the fall is large numbers of insects clinging to the side of a building, near the doors and windows. Usually, these are boxelder bugs, brown marmorated stink bugs, and Asian lady beetles are the most common pests infesting our doors and windows. Unless you want these pests to infest your home en masse, then it’s important to inspect your doors and windows. Check for gaps around your doors and screens, damaged window screens, and any vulnerability. Caulk the gaps and repair or replace the damaged screens to keep these pests out.

Inspect Your Roof and Clean Out Your Gutters

Pests are able to gain access to your house from anywhere, including your roof. At the end of the season, inspect your roof for any vulnerable spots. Look for any gaps, holes, or damaged shingles that pests can use to get into your attic. Make the necessary repairs to seal your roof off and prevent a pest infestation.

Make sure to clean out your gutters while you’re up there too. A clogged gutter is a mosquito paradise. These annoying pests will lay their eggs in the decaying leaf matter and stagnant water where they will overwinter until the spring. Before you know it, you’ll have a mosquito invasion. Clean out your gutters to prevent mosquitoes from taking over your backyard.

Interior Pest Prevention Tips

Now that you’ve sealed your house, turning it into a Fort Knox against marauding insects, it’s time to turn the attention inside. The goal of indoor pest prevention is to turn your home into a barren desert for bugs. Eliminating excess moisture and free meals will prevent any bugs from getting comfortable in your home. Here are a few indoor fall pest prevention tips.

Manage Excess Moisture

The most important thing that pests need to survive is a steady supply of water. If you can take that away, then you’ll create an inhospitable environment for thirsty pests like cockroaches, millipedes, centipedes, and more.

Check any place where water is abundant. The kitchen, bathroom, basement, attic, under sinks, and in the crawlspace are all common places to find excess moisture. If you find any leaky pipes, fix them. Look for structural issues in the basement, attic, and crawlspace, patching them to prevent a leak. You can also use a dehumidifier in areas like the basement and attic to reduce the moisture in the air.

Clean Up the Food

With these fall pest prevention tips, you can avoid an ant infestation in your Akron, OH home.
Finally, it’s time to close the pest buffet in your kitchen. Insects, like cockroaches and ants, are totally content to live off our scraps. Because these pests are opportunistic foragers, it’s pretty easy to reduce their populations with a little fall cleaning.

Focus on areas where you regularly eat or where food is stored, like the kitchen and pantry. Sweep the floors to eliminate any crumbs or spilled food and wipe down your counters. Go through your pantry and cupboards to make sure all of your food is properly stored. Make sure you regularly take out the trash, placing it in a well-sealed trash can and keeping it far away from any entrances to your home. If you have any pets, make sure their food isn’t left out all day. Put it away at the end of the day in a sealed container.

Invest in Professional Perimeter Pest Control Services

These fall pest prevention tips will help you create a pest-free environment, but if you need a little extra help, then it’s time to call the professionals. Here at Rankin Lawn Care, we have a perimeter pest control service that’s customized for your property and your needs. Combine that with our flea and tick control services for complete protection.

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