Fall Lawn Aeration: The Essential Fall Lawn Care Service

With autumn upon us, it’s time to start thinking about fall lawn care. The tough conditions of summer, like hot temperatures, drought conditions, and increased foot and mower traffic can be stressful for our lawns. That’s why it’s a good idea to offer your lawn some restoration services to bring it back to health and get it ready for winter. Lucky for us, there’s a service that boosts the health and gets your lawn ready for winter all at once: fall lawn aeration.

So, what is lawn aeration?

Fall lawn aeration is the essential service to boost your Cleveland, OH lawn this fall.
Lawn aeration (or core aeration) is a service where plugs of compacted soil are pulled out of your lawn. The plugs of soil are then redistributed across your lawn where they break down, providing your lawn with additional nutrients.

Signs of a lawn that needs lawn aeration:

  • Hard or Compacted Soil: If it’s difficult to stick a screwdriver into your soil, then you have compacted soil.
  • Pooling Water or Water Run-Off: If you see more puddles than usual after a rainstorm or if you notice water running off your lawn, then you’re in the market for lawn aeration.
  • Soft and Spongy Grass: If your grass feels soft or spongy when you’re walking on it or if you see footprints from where you were walking, then lawn aeration may be the next step.
  • Too Much Thatch: Check the layer of thatch (organic material at the base of your grass), if it’s greater than a half-inch, then it’s time to aerate.

What are some benefits of aerating my lawn?

Now that we know the signs that your lawn needs fall lawn aeration, let’s take a look at the benefits this service provides. When it comes to thatch, too much is a big problem. When that layer of grass clippings and organic matter is more than a half-inch, it effectively seals off your soil. The barrier it forms blocks vital nutrients, water, and air from penetrating down to the soil and grass roots.Fall lawn aeration will give your grass roots easier access to water, air, and nutrients; boosting the health of your Cleveland, OH lawn.

Additional benefits of lawn aeration include:

  • Eliminates Soil Compaction: Soil compaction is eliminated as the cores of compacted soil get pulled out of the ground.
  • Eliminates Excess Thatch: As the cores are pulled from the lawn, the excess thatch gets pulled out with it.
  • Easy Access to Essential Nutrients: Eliminating compacted soil and excess thatch allows essential nutrients like water, air, and fertilizer to get down to the roots.
  • Strengthens the Roots: With less soil compaction, your grass roots will have the opportunity to reach deeper than ever before. Pair that with the easy access to nutrients and you get a stronger root system and healthier grass.

When should I aerate my lawn?

Lawn aeration is an excellent service to do once a year and only in the growing season of your grass. Making sure you only do this service during your grass’ growing season ensures it has enough time to recover.

Here in Ohio, with our cool-season grasses, the best time to aerate is in the fall or spring. Fall lawn aeration is the best because it strengthens your roots, preparing your grass for the winter ahead.

Is there anything I need to do before I aerate?

It’s incredibly important to prepare your lawn for your aeration service. Mark off any areas near sprinkler lines, electrical lines, or electric dog fences to avoid any accidental damage. This communication with your lawn technician ensures accidental damage is avoided during the service.

Another good idea to prepare for lawn aeration is to moisten the soil before your aeration service. Watering the lawn a couple of days before your service helps the tines from the aerator easily penetrate the soil. Don’t soak the lawn though!

Your best bet is to call the professionals.

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