Summer Weed Control: How to Keep Your Yard Weed-Free

As a homeowner in Cleveland, you know the worst thing about yard maintenance is the weeds. They seem to grow out of nowhere and can quickly crowd out your beautiful grass. You could spend your entire weekend outside, pulling and spraying annoying weeds only to see them pop right back up next week. However, if you take the proper steps you can reduce and prevent weeds from appearing in your lawn. Here are a few summer weed control tips to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful all year.

Prevent Spring Weeds with Pre-Emergents

They say “the early bird gets the worm,” and that’s also true with effective crabgrass control. The best time to get a head start on weed control is to prevent them in the spring. Weeds, like crabgrass, disperse their seeds in the fall where they hide in your grass over the winter. These seeds germinate when the right conditions are met; those conditions being warm temperatures and plenty of sunlight. Deprive the seeds of either of these, and you have no weeds. 

This is hard to accomplish in the spring when your grass is still thin and greening up. So, to tackle weeds early, use a pre-emergent application. Pre-emergents are a granular herbicide that prevents weed seeds from germinating. If you can eliminate these weeds early you will have a much easier time in the summer and fall.

Control Summer Weeds with a Healthy Lawn

As mentioned above, weed seeds need two things to germinate: warm temperatures and sunlight. Now you can’t do much about the temperature but you can deprive the seeds of sunlight. How do you achieve this? Keep your lawn healthy with proper watering and fertilizing routines. Another way to improve the thickness of your grass is to have your yard aerated once a year. This ensures your grass is receiving enough water, nutrients, and air to stay healthy. As healthy grass gets thicker, it blocks the sunlight reaching the soil and, in doing so, prevents seeds from germinating.

If you continue to follow a regular schedule of watering, fertilizing, and mowing, you will see a dramatic difference in the amount of weeds that appear in your lawn.

Continued Protection with Spot Spraying

Weeds and crabgrass are an inevitability and you are bound to have a few here and there, no matter what you do. What you don’t want is to have those weeds go to seed in the late summer and early fall. They will dump thousands of seeds that will fall into your yard or be carried by the wind. The answer to this is to spot spray; a lawn treatment by which you spray weed killer on targeted weeds. By spot spraying the stray weeds that pop up in the summer, you can prevent them from going to seed and save you the hassle in the spring.

Don’t Water the Weeds

Sprinklers are a great way to keep your grass hydrated but they also water the weeds you are trying to prevent. This usually occurs in gardens and flower beds where weeds can rapidly take over and crowd out the plants you want. There are better methods of watering your garden without watering the weeds.

  • Watering Can: It’s a lot of work, but nothing can beat a good old fashioned watering can for weed control.
  • Drip Irrigation: This is a great way to get water delivered right where you want it without watering the entire garden.
  • Bucket: Drill some holes around the outside of a bucket and bury it halfway in your garden. When you add water all the plants around it will get watered without getting the surface soil wet at all.

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