Mosquito Prevention: The Best Mosquito Control Tips for Cleveland

As we officially welcome the warm weather of summer let’s not forget the price we pay for such weather: mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are the bane of homeowners across Ohio and the number one party crashers in the state. Luckily you don’t have to suffer from mosquitoes this year if you just follow these easy and simple mosquito control tips.


Use Mosquito Repellents or Sprays

Use mosquito sprays as a mosquito control method to keep the infestations from ruining your backyard parties.

The tried and true method of mosquito control is to not control them but to hide from them. Mosquito sprays work well to cover your scent and repel these pesky bugs but they only work for a limited time and only if you are well-covered. This method works best if you are camping, away from home, or are only looking for temporary relief from mosquitoes.

Trap ‘Em

Sure you can buy mosquito traps for any hardware store but what fun is that. Making your own DIY mosquito trap is much more fun and can be a project that involves the whole family.

All you need is:

  • 1 two-liter bottle
  • Tape
  • Box cutter or knife

Begin by using the box cutter to cut off the top half of the two-liter. Take the newly cut top half and nestle it down inside the bottom half so it’s snug then tape it together. Now for the most important part – the bait. Mix one cup of sugar and one teaspoon of yeast into one cup of hot water. Mix well and add it to the bottom of your new trap.

There you go! Your very own mosquito trap. Make a few more and hang them around your yard for maximum defense.


Remove Standing WaterMosquito lay their eggs in standing water around your property; a good mosquito control technique is to empty out any standing water before these larvae can mature into adults.

Standing water is the lifeforce of mosquitoes. Without it they cannot breed. So if you put two and two together already you might have deduced that by eliminating standing water you can also eliminate mosquitoes or at the very least limit their population.

Areas best suited for breeding mosquitoes include animal waterers, flower pots, birdbaths, old tires, rain barrels, and children’s toys.

Take a trip around your yard after it rains; you’ll be surprised how many things can turn into a mosquito breeding zone.


Treat Standing Water

In cases where you cannot eliminate standing water you’ll have to treat it instead. Things like bird baths, rain barrels, and animal waterers are essential items for a backyard garden or farm. To treat standing water without harming animals or plants use a larvicide tablet. These tablets can be purchased at any hardware and they can prevent mosquitoes for up to a month.


Looking for expert mosquito control? Hire the professionals.

Once you step inside you should be able to leave Mother Nature at the door but sometimes a few sneaky pests find their way inside. That’s where the professionals at Rankin Lawn Care come in. With our perimeter pest control program we can seal your house off from bugs and prevent them from stepping one leg inside your house. Call Rankin Lawn Care today at (330) 935-2900 or drop us a message.