Spring Lawn Care: When Is The Best Time To Fertilize in Cleveland?

dethatching your Cleveland lawn is an essential spring lawn care task.Here in Cleveland, and for lawns everywhere, fertilization is the cornerstone to every healthy lawn. Fertilizer is plant food! The nutrients contained in the fertilizer works as a multi-vitamin for your grass, providing it with what it needs to grow big and strong. Fertilizer also helps the soil in water retention and improved airflow, resulting in stronger root systems, which is great for your grass! As far as spring lawn care goes, a common question that is asked is, “when is the best time to fertilize?” To answer that question, we first have to look at four things you need to do before applying fertilizer.


Rake And Dethatch

After a long, wet winter our Cleveland lawns have some bouncing back to do. Leaves and thatch (dead grass roots, stems, and shoots) will prevent nutrients from penetrating the soil and getting to your grass’ root systems. Both these must be removed from your lawn in order for the fertilizer to be most effective. If there is excessive thatch that isn’t coming out with a normal rake, a thatching rake may be required. If thatch is a big problem for your Cleveland lawn, then it may be time to start considering aeration.


Be Patient

Timing is everything. Often times people think when they start knocking things off their spring lawn care checklist they can throw fertilizer down whenever they want. This is not true. Here in Cleveland, our winter-spring transition can be long and drawn out. Be patient and remember: never fertilize frozen soil and wait until the grass breaks dormancy and actually begins growing before you apply that first fertilizer.


Remove Those Pesky Weeds

Weeds are thieves and will steal any nutrients the fertilizer delivers to your grass. So, before you fertilize, take a walk through your lawn and garden and remove any weeds that could interfere. Some common spring weeds in Cleveland that you will want to look for are crabgrass, spurge, and white clover.


The Best Time To Fertilize In Cleveland Is…

After you have completed those tasks, your lawn is just about ready to be fertilized, but you still need to be patient! The best time to fertilize is when the soil temperature has hit a minimum of 50 degrees. For us in Cleveland, this usually occurs around the middle or end of April. This is just a few weeks away, so now is a prime opportunity to begin the process of preparing your lawn for its initial fertilization.


Some other commonly asked questions about fertilizing are: How do I fertilize? How much fertilizer do I use? Which type of fertilizer is best for my Cleveland lawn? Where should I apply this fertilizer? These are all important questions, which must be answered before the fertilizer is applied!


Contact The Experts In Lawn Fertilization

If you’re looking for the answer to these questions (or others), contact the experts in lawn fertilization at Rankin Lawn Care. We understand that the role fertilizers play on your lawn is a critical one and that’s why we developed our 5-treatment program, a program that works especially well on our Cleveland lawns. This timely fertilization program will nourish the soil, strengthen your grass’ root systems, and provide your grass with the important nutrients they need to thrive this growing season.

Looking to get started with a lawn care program for your Cleveland lawn? Contact us here or give us a call at (330) 935-2900 to hear more about our program and how we can help you get the lawn that you’ll love. Satisfaction guaranteed!