Your Spring Maintenance Checklist

The end of winter is in sight. Soon the joys and warmth of springtime will be upon us here in the Buckeye State and that means getting back outside to do what we love to do. But, where do you even begin? Luckily the experts at Rankin Lawn Care have compiled a spring maintenance checklist for preparing your yard and home for spring.


Home Safety Check

The safety of you and your family should always be priority number one. That’s why you should change the batteries in all of your smoke detectors, check the expiration date on your fire extinguishers, and make sure all your doors and windows have locks that work.


spring maintenance, ohioRake and Cleanup Your Yard

Raking is an important spring cleaning step to getting your grass ready for spring. A lot of debris can build up during the winter and causes diseases like snow mold, dollar spot, or red thread.


  • Gravel and Salt: Rake in any salt or gravel that was pushed onto your grass by trucks and plows.
  • Thatch: Loosen up thatch and air out your grass with a metal-tined rake.
  • Leaves: Get those piles of wet leaves off your grass immediately! It’s a breeding ground for disease, mold, and lawn pests.  


Definitely make raking part of your spring cleanup schedule.


Pruning Time

Have any dead or ugly branches that you want to get rid of? Now’s the time to do it, before the leaves start to come in. For best results, prune when you see buds forming. Pruning not only frees up room for other branches to grow but it also redirects the nutrients that would have been used on the branch and sends it to other parts of the tree, giving it an extra growth boost.


Dump Out Standing Water

You don’t want mosquitoes buzzing around your yard this summer, so take a proactive step and prevent them from laying eggs in the first place. Female mosquitoes love to lay their eggs in standing water. That includes your birdbaths, pools, ponds, and fountains. After it rains, be sure to empty out all standing water from pots, pails, toys, tires, or anything else that can hold water. You can also buy special dissolvable pellets that can be placed in your animal waterers and rain barrels. They kill mosquito larvae and they are safe to drink and use on plants.


aeration, lawn careAerate Your Lawn

Spring cleaning isn’t complete without a healthy aeration. Over time your yard will start to show signs of wear and tear. Soil becomes compacted and thatch builds up, preventing water from getting into the ground. This is a compounding issue that can only get worse unless you aerate your lawn. Aeration loosens the soil so that roots can breath, drink, and get the nutrients they need.


Take Your Yard to the Next Level

Expert lawn service makes a huge difference in the health and appearance of your Ohio lawn. If you want to take your yard from “meh” to “wow!” then call Rankin Lawn Care today at (330) 935-2900 or drop us a message.