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Rankin Lawn Care delivers customized, flexible, and affordable turf maintenance services to home and business owners throughout the Canton, Akron, Cleveland, and Youngstown, Ohio area. As a locally owned and operated company, you might say that we know Ohio lawn care – we’ve been doing it professionally for over 25 years! Since 1991, Rankin Lawn Care has used the very latest turf innovations, coupled with our exceptional local insight, to develop effective lawn care solutions that transform properties into strong, healthy, and beautiful Ohio green spaces.

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Rankin Lawn Care’s extensive suite of landscape services include:


5-Treatment Fertilization Program

We understand that proper fertilization plays a vital role in your lawn’s longevity. Our technicians carefully assess your home or business property to determine soil composition, external threats, and other health risks. From there, we’ll develop a customized fertilization approach using both liquid and granular applications to achieve the right mix for your property.

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Weed Control Program

At Rankin Lawn Care we never let the weeds win! Our trained landscape specialists apply a market- leading, environmentally safe herbicide as needed throughout your commercial or residential yard. Rankin’s weed control program eliminates unwanted vegetation for a robust, lush, and thriving lawn.


Perimeter Pest Control

Think the bugs and insects living in your yard are happy with their accommodations? Guess again. As soon as the Ohio temperatures begin to drop, the outdoor vermin start making their way inside your home or office for the winter. Rankin’s Perimeter Pest Control application creates a protective barrier around your home to help eliminate anything crawling your way.


Core Aeration/Overseeding

Compacted soil and extensive thatch can prevent essential nutrients, air, and moisture from reaching the soil and root systems on your lawn. Our core aeration process removes tiny soil plugs to recirculate the vital elements your grass needs to grow and flourish. When we’re done, we’ll overseed to rebuild thin and bare patches and restore your lawn to its former luster.


Grub Prevention

These tiny beetle larvae are small, but they have a giant appetite – and your lawn is their favorite meal. Rankin’s grub prevention solutions eradicate these voracious worms to eliminate their threat on your otherwise healthy lawns and beds.


Flea And Tick Control

Fleas and ticks are more than just outdoor pests; these parasites transmit multiple diseases and illnesses, making them a major health risk to humans and pets alike. Rankin Lawn Care’s flea and tick control services target these insects where they swarm, reducing their population and safeguarding your property

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Rankin Lawn Care uses premium, environmentally friendly products, applied by licensed, conscientious technicians to achieve the safest, most successful results possible. We also strive to deliver a convenient, stress-free customer experience from start to finish.

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